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Notre Dame Preparatory High School’s Guitar Program is officially a Guitar Foundation of America Certified Guitar School

World Premiere of Misty Morning by Gerard Drozd

March 31, 2014

My 2014 Cd ‘Guitar Recital’ is available for $7.99 shipped anywhere in the US!


The reviews are in…

“…he is never less than satisfyng.” Soundboard – The Journal of the GFA Vol XXXVIII, No. 4, 2012

“Philip Hemmo played brilliantly” (Sacramento Guitar Society)

“The 20th Century Guitar,” 2012 In his first CD “Romantic Works for Classical Guitar” (2010) Philip Hemmo focused on some of the most important works from 19th century and early 20th centuries. In his second disc “The 20th Century Guitar”, he has turned his attention to several of the most notable composers of the modern era. He again brings his experience as a performer, teacher, and scholar to his interpretations of the works. His performance practice has changed significantly from his earlier disc, in which he deliberately took ‘Romantic’ liberties with phrasing and rhythm. This disc on the other hand is heavily entrenched in the modern style, emphasizing detailed and accurate delivery of every instruction provided by the composers. As with his last recording, the music benefits greatly from his superb attention to tone production and technique. For any listener interested in exploring a tasteful cross-section of the guitar repertoire throughout the past two hundred years, I recommend picking up both of Philip Hemmo’s CDs. © Timothy Smith (

My delight of the week! The selections on this CD are lyrical and lush, played with the sensitivity and nuance that any romantic would wish for! (WSCL Radio)

Congratulations to my former student Grace Shepherd for being TOP prize winner in the 2013 Guitar Foundation of America International Youth Competition!!!

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